Sunday, August 14, 2011

Yes! It's Welsh!

Wow you guys are good at language origin! Or good at google? :) YES my first name is Welsh and is pronounced fee-on. The two f's throws everyone off, but luckily I got the easy last name which makes being a teacher great! And yes, I was born in Wales and moved to Dallas when I was five, imagine being a kindergartner with that name. HA.
Congrats to Mrs. Richling and Carrie for guessing Welsh first! Thanks for all those that also guessed, I know how you feel I am never quick enough to get there first on other blog giveways!
But, go check out the unit on TPT!!

2 notes to the teacher:


I purchased (and used) this already in my class!! Yay!! Thanks soo much! Oh, and I got "blog inspired" and started my

Ms. Thomas

Awesome!! I hope it worked out for ya! And I am checking out your blog now!!

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