Sunday, August 14, 2011

Whew! What a week! and a new unit! right! We started with the kiddos on Wednesday and it was a marathon! Those three days are so crazy, trying to explain everything and get all those cute activities done that you want to do! Thanks to Babbling Abby and her Fun with Firsties unit I was set!

So, today I finished my new unit for TPT! We always start the year with all about me and citizen topics in Social Studies. Unfortunately our curriculum is kinda boring with those activities, so I decided to make this unit to spice it up a little bit and make teaching these important concepts more fun! It has activities for all about me, all about my family, being a classroom citizen, and following the rules. I added literature connections too! Click the picture below to go and check it out!

I am also going to giveaway TWO of these units for FREE! You have to answer this question in a comment on my blog and I will pick the the first TWO people who get it right! Make sure to put your email in the comment!
My first name is Ffion, what language is my name from?

Happy Sunday!!

9 notes to the teacher:

Ms. Simoneaux

I know it! I guess I cant guess though ha! Looks great Ffi! Cannot wait to start this unit!

Mrs. Richling

Is it of Welsh origin?



I think it's Welsh too!


Classy Lady

Welsh, are you from Wales?

laughinbrunette (Jennifer)

def. Welsh...just like me =)
First Grade Blue SKies


Aww. Wish I would have seen this sooner. It's welsh!


Aw..too bad I'm too late, but knew the answer. Next time.


I'm guessing it's Welsh..only cause thats what everyone else said! I need this unit anyway cause we teach the same thing! LOL!!!! I'm so glad I found someone that will be on the same units as me!!! YAY! Have a great week!


I'm thinking Irish- like Fiona? And I have to tell you, seriously every time I'm on your blog I think you have the cutest stinkin blog design!

Rowdy in First Grade

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