Friday, May 11, 2012

Charlotte and gifts!

Well, things are winding down here in room 103. This leads to me running around packing everything and my kids asking if they can help. NON STOP. I love them, but it is hard to get everyone to help when you really need to just do it on your own. This year is so different since I am moving and have to get everything organized! 
So, we have been reading Charlotte's Web this last month. Swoon. It is my favorite book to read aloud to my kids. We have been so into it we finished it really quick! I always get choked up when Charlotte dies. :( I kept it together until I realized one of my boys was bawling. Then, I lost it. Like crying, ugly girl style. It was so emotional to see how much the book affected him! Then, a bunch started crying. We talked about it, and I am so happy now that they had that experience to get connected to a book. :)
We did some little posters throughout the week on character analysis and settings in the book. Here are some pics:
Our anchor chart on the characters!

When Wilbur was born

When Wilbur escapes

When they saw Some Pig! written. I love the shocked face on the farmer!


My poster on Wilbur!

The goose and the gander
Also, I have received some awesome teacher appreciation gifts! This mother is SO crafty and SO sweet! I think she loves pinterest....:)
So precious!

This is a pringles can!
much love!
Today we are making these precious crawfish hats that I thought up for our Louisiana Food Festival! 
Busy...I know! AND I am done with GRAD SCHOOL!! I am graduating next Friday and could not be more excited! 

Happy Friday! :)

2 notes to the teacher:

Mrs. Wright

Congratulations on graduating, I have 4 more weeks, so I will be definitely using your Charlotte Webs ideas. Thanks for sharing :)

First Grade Journal

Miss Foote

Our class just finished reading that book as well. I refuse to read the ending aloud...I convince one of my fluent readers to do it! Now we are making a Charlotte's Web ABC book.

Chickadee Jubilee

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