Thursday, July 7, 2011

First Day Organizing of all those goodies!

The first day is always hectic because NEVER does just one kid at a time walk in so you can neatly label their supplies! Our kids are mostly bus riders and come in like a mob, so I made up a new plan last year. I let them pick their desk in a lottery system the first day. They pick a number then match it with a number on a desk. This makes them feel at ease. I then take their supplies to my back table. I put all the paper, and community products in one pile. Their personal supplies such as crayons, pencils, erasers, scissors, etc. I put in this shoe organizer I bought at target!
This was my 1st classroom!
The green shoe organizer in the picture has pockets for each child's materials! I print out sticker labels with their names on it and slap it on there! It makes it so easy so I don't even have to worry about writing their name on EVERYTHING! I just go back and do that later when it is not so crazy.

As for checking off what they have that can be tricky, our school is Title 1 so I try not to worry about what every kid brings. Some kids really don't have the means to buy supplies. I usually head up to Office Depot for their sales and buy those children some crayons and scissors. Although, last year we had a Back to School Bash where parents could come and drop everything off early and meet the teacher. I had a supply list then for the parents to check off what they brought and then turn into me.

I hope this helps some people! I know that day will be fast approaching and I am SO not ready yet!

-Ms. Thomas :)

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Last year I had a very low economic class. I think only 3 students brought all of their supplies. I had heard of other teachers putting all the supplies together and I decided to try it. I loved it!! I just bought a three drawer rolling cart and put all crayons in one drawer, all glue and glue sticks in one drawer, and all pencils and erasers in one drawer. We called it our "supply closet" this way students always had what they needed. When supplies got low, I sent a note home with everyone and what we got, I was happy to get, and what we didn't, I supplied. It was so much better than having little rich Johnny having three extra boxes of crayons at the end of the year and poor Suzie running out at Christmas. Just a suggestion. Also, loved that I didn't have to organize and check off everyone's list. :)

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