Monday, July 4, 2011

The corner in my apartment...and other things!

I just started grad school for the summer(class was delayed and cannot decide if that is good or bad yet) and I can tell that I will be so busy because I already have to have TWO books read by Wednesday. yuck! But, I am really excited because the class is about writing which I need some help with! I cannot wait to be done! MAY 2012! woohoo!

I just bought Lucy Calkins' books about Launching a Writing Workshop. I cannot wait to get started with it. Our writing curriculum with our Reading is not bueno. I bought these two:

I am currently on the HUNT for the seven units that go with it...only it is hard since the pack is like 200 dollars! I am having a hard time finding all of them. Any hints let me know!

Also the corner in my apartment is currently looking like this:
It is not as bad as last year :( We have to pack up our ENTIRE room. It is awful, so this year I made a change to lock everything up. I had to bring the easel home though, I got it through a donors choose project and I love it so much I had to keep it safe! :) Also, notice how lakeshore has currently affected my credit card bill. I got the teacher's organizer and then also some pocket charts for reader response and a phonemic awareness game! 
I pity my roommates but I told them we could always write the menu for the 4th on the dry erase part! 

I just bought Babbling Abby's first grade beginning of the year unit! Go and get it, I cannot wait to use this and my Scaredy unit too!

Have a good fourth!

-Ms. Thomas :)

2 notes to the teacher:

Ms. Simoneaux

Just seeing this post! Glad you bought that, I was thinking about it myself! Ill call you in the morning so we can set up our teacher date!

Ms. Male

Love that stand! If your roommates get tired of it, you can store it at my house. lol.

Glad I found you through the font linky party! Come follow me.

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