Sunday, June 5, 2011

An apology to my neglected blog!


It has been such a LONG time! The end of the school year gets pretty crazy, with all the cleaning and in our school packing up EVERYTHING! Our classrooms are used for the summer, so everything must go somewhere. It was a marathon but everything ended up in the right place. I also had 18 smiling faces to help me!

Here is a photo from the last sad they are not mine anymore!
This is a tradition I started my first year, where when they are about to leave I take picture in the doorway. I hope to make a little scrapbook one year, so I can always remember each one of my classes. :)

And the reason why I have been gone for so long is because right after school ended, and I mean RIGHT after, I drove to Dallas to then fly to LONDON!
I have said it before, but I was born in Wales and all my family still lives there. My cousin got married and we had the opportunity to go which was so amazing. I was there with my sister and Dad and we had a great time. My sister and I also went to Dublin together! Great city, go visit!
Us on the sightseeing bus!
So, that is why I have been gone for so long and to my blog and readers I AM SORRY! I am wondering how the summer will go with upkeep on it. I am going to be working on a new unit, and I will also be updating about a curriculum I am writing through grad school. Keep stopping by!

And also, like my girl Cara Carroll... 
-Ms. Thomas :)

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